RCM Professional

RCM Professional is the ultimate software for time-keeping and race management and is based on RCM Ultimate but is limited in some ranges. RCM Professional is the ideal and cheap solution for a club or also an individual not running international championships (European Championship / World Championship)

The concept of RCM Professional is a client-server architecture. To avoid that RCM Professional is overloaded with complex and partly customer specific needs, special functions not related to the time keeping have been realized in client-programs, which connect to RCM Professional. To use those clients, you have to use a network. RCM Publisher (result publishing in the drivers area), RCM Voice (separate Voice announcements) and RCM Signal (signal control) support RCM Professional and can help you with the race organization.

Performance Overview

  • driver administration including statistical information and club membership
  • drivers license administration
  • extensive setups for the rules
  • automatic and manual arrangement of qualification heats as well as the finals
  • semi automatic creation of time schedules
  • extensive control instruments during an heat
  • administration of penalties and warnings
  • results according to laps and time for qualification and finals
  • best time in qualification
  • point system in qualification and finals
  • automatic arrangement of the finals according to electric and I.C. rules
  • several lists of participants including lists with and without frequencies and transponder numbers
  • several different ranking list
  • results including lap times
  • data archives
  • data import and export including an interface to other programs (for example MS Excel)


Restrictions of RCM Professional compared with RCM Ultimate (Features not available):

  • max. 5 Sections per event
  • max. 80 participants per section (in a event)
  • Practice mode
  • Monitoring (Database / Networkclients)
  • Teamadministration
  • Startorder configurations
  • Constant administration (Country, Frequency, Block)
  • Skilladjustment
  • Championship administration
  • Automatically controlling of race based on time schedule
  • Raceanalysis
  • Mutations (change pilot / change ssection)
  • Messages (Announcements / Tickermessages)
  • Remove pilotnumber
  • Reset Skill- und Levelvalues
  • Import / Export of Blockdata
  • Cross-section reports (Participant, Grouparrangement, Rankinglist)

License terms

Information about the license terms can be found on the following page: License terms

Hardware requirements

Supported operating system:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Please install RCM into the directory which is suggested by the setup (if RCM is installed under "C:\Program Files", problems can occure)

Minimal requirements:

  • Prozessor: I3 or newer
  • Memory: 8 GB or more
  • Printer: Parallel, USB, Network or Fileprinter


A demo version of RCM Professional can be downloaded over our website. In order to use this demo version, you must register yourself through our website to receive the required demo license keys. You can find the registration here


The usermanuals as well as other product specific documents can be downloaded here