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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Option to set minimum delay before a heat (not just between)
Sequence 1670
Classification Feature Request
Priority Low
Status Done
Kickoff date Feb 8, 2015
Maturity date Dec 30, 1899
Version 2.3.0
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Description Hi

We run a lot of races with both nitro and gas powered cars. The heats are typically arranged like this: 2 gas heats, then 2 nitro heats, then 2 gas and so on.
We want to give the nitro drivers an extra 3 minutes before their heats, to warm up their engines. This way we avoid having them warm up their engines while the last heat finished, which is annoying for drivers still finishing their heat.

I am only able to set a delay between certain section heats. This delay is applied after the heat in the timeschedule. But sometimes the nitro heat comes after a gas heat and sometimes the nitro heat comes after another nitro heat. Following a nitro heat comes either another nitro heat or a gas heat. So setting the delay between (after) nitro heats will not work.
Last year we solved this manually in the timeschedule of RCM Ultimate, but that takes a lot of time and is not ideal (changes and recalculation means manually redoing the entire timeschedule).

So I would like to request a feature to be able to set a minimum delay before and after a heat in the time schedule.
So instead of setting a delay between heats you would set a minimum delay before a heat and a minimum delay after a heat. The before-value could either be disabled if not needed or it could default to the after-value.
This way you would be able to set the delay before an after all heats to the default value (usually 6 minutes in our case) and then set a custom delay before the nitro heats (ex. 9 minutes).
An alternative solution could be to be able to select if the selected delay shoud be applied before or after the heat.

I hope you will consider this feature and please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this. I will be happy to supply examples and clearification if needed.

Nicolai Heilbuth


Timestamp Who Comment
Mar 12, 2016 9:32:22 AM Felix Romer I have probably a solution which will be easier to implement/change and also for the handling. The problem with two delay times (before and after) would be, that I would always have two times for the calculation of the gap time - and this makes it not easier. I would suggest, that I change the current implementation of the "delay time between two heats" to "delay time before heat". On this way you would be able to configure the "time gap" between two heats as you would like to have it. Of course there will be a default setting (see attachment "12-03-_2016_09-23-09.png") and the for example for your nitro class you could change this value within the section specific configuration (see attachment "12-03-_2016_09-23-31.png").

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