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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Bug in timetable editor beta version and current version
Sequence 2042
Classification Bug
Priority Low
Status Done
Kickoff date May 30, 2016
Maturity date May 30, 2016
Version 2.3.0
Expense 0
Description I found a bug in the timetable editor in beta version and in current version. This is a strange one and only happens with a specific rule setting.

In Holland we have at the Nationals 1/8 onroad a rule setting as follows:
No Christmas tree anymore but A,B,C finals with move-up’s.

In all finals will be driven with 10 drivers. But the first 8 are in A, second 8 in B etcetera.
The first two drivers of each final will move-up to the next final.
Ok, now in the upcoming second race for the nationals ( upcoming weekend) we have 50 drivers.
So it should be a race with up to F final yes? J

1 to 8 in A
9 to 16 in B
17 to 24 in C
25 to 32 in D
33 to 40 in E
And 41 to 50 in F final.

If I do a check of a final arrangement, ( option marked in final arrangement tab/screen: "Include not qualified Pilots for Arrangement".) the arrangement is perfect ! Not a thing wrong with it, RCM is working like a Swiss clock.

Now I am making a timetable, but in the timetable editor, there is no F final visible. So I cannot place this one into the timetable. Of course I can make a empty rule and so on. But this is not the way RCM should work with this ! So that could be a problem for some other users to make a good timetable. I have resolved this "bug", by adding a driver to the event but not in the arrangement. Now RCM sees 51 drivers. Now RCM makes in the arrangement also a G final in the checkup. Of course when the event is started RCM will see that there are no 51 but 50 drivers and so he will not make that G final. But what he does now "correct", is the timetable with a F final run. So now we CAN make a correct timetable.

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