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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Announcements every time a car passes over the antenna giving the car position
Sequence 1055
Classification Feature Request
Priority Medium
Status Done
Kickoff date Jan 7, 2013
Maturity date Jan 7, 2013
Version 2.0.0
Expense 0
Description I know it is not a profesional feature, but we should have it in RCM in order to be able to convince old SJ Crono spanish users to move to RCM. SJ Crono is able to give announcements every time a car passes over the antenna giving the car position. If car passes over the antenna and this car is the third one in the provisional heat class then it is said "THIRD", and so on.

It is not professional, we know, but this "voice" has been used by many 18 Off Road drivers in their races - even in nationals in Spain- so they are comfortable with this announcement and they "Love" it. Many clubs are now thinking in purchasing a better software, new MyLaps firmware is an opportunity for us, the only thing I need is this announcement in the system, in the RCM Ultimate and in the RCM Voice for cheaper licenses

With this there is no argument against us compared to SJ Crono

Could you please do it? Just think from the sales point of view.


Timestamp Who Comment
Jan 18, 2013 5:27:07 PM Felix Romer This announcement is alreay implemented and available.

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