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Project MyRCM Website
Summary Transponder # vs cars
Sequence 2536
Classification Change Request
Priority Low
Status Done
Kickoff date May 28, 2018
Maturity date Dec 30, 1899
Version 7.4.0
Expense 0
Description Hi Felix,
It would be super if you could develope the function with transponder numbers when creating än application to a race. Instead of just having 4 different numbers we want to be able to create different carnames which we then connect our tx's to.
The cars should then be available via a droop-down menu.
When you select a car from the droop-down menu it should automaticly type in the correct data (editable by user in a sub-menu) as of car TX, model, Batteries, Transitter, engine etc.
As of today the user can only save 4 different tx's. But if you race in different classes on the same event this isn't enough. 2 cars for electric touring (dry/wet), one Largescale touring and F1 just to name a few.
Then, your next application is for a buggy race with nitro & electric you have to change all info all over again.

This function is already implemented in a local swedish website and is very well working. The drivers appreciate the ease of application to diffenent races and still have all personal car data saved.
If you do this we are sure even more users will be on myrcm.

Have a look here, www.rc-championship.info

Best regards.

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