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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Capital letter import of insurtions
Sequence 1488
Classification Bug
Priority Medium
Status Done
Kickoff date Jun 3, 2014
Maturity date Jul 31, 2014
Expense 0
Description The new feature of converting the first letter of first and last name is working fine.
But I think a bit to good hahah.

We here in Holland have a lot of names with insertions in it.
Like Dave de Ruiter.
Well RCM does, when this new feature is activated ( and of course I have this….duh !!) also convert the first letter of this insertion to a capital letter.
I made a test entry, and found this.

The most comen insurtions are: de -> van -> van der -> van den ->

I know this would be very difficult to make it so that RCM does this not.
But please could you take a look at this?

And also, this was already in it, when a driver makes an entry and does not fill in his or her’s birthday, the form makes most of the times self a date.
And this date is then always 01-01-1900.
I know we have some old drivers, but not that old mate.

See attachment as an excample

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