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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Add additional fields to the rank list export
Sequence 635
Classification Change Request
Priority Medium
Status Done
Kickoff date Jan 25, 2011
Maturity date Mar 31, 2011
Version 1.4.17
Expense 0
Description I want to hear about it is possible to add a few items on the list when you Export a rank list of RCM?

When I select> Tools> Data Association> Data Export> Then I get an excel sheet with the rank list. In Denmark, we must submit race results to DASU after we have held races, and we copied things out at the media we use.
Then it would be really great if it were possible to get the latest stuff in the export file to make.
Would love to have "club" and "driver no." with. ('ve Attached a picture in the mail to show what I mean)

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