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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Car number sound when loop passed
Sequence 2721
Classification Feature Request
Priority Low
Status Done
Kickoff date Dec 30, 1899
Maturity date Dec 30, 1899
Version 2.4.5
Expense 0
Description Hi Felix,

As we discussed of this small feature, in the past few days. Here is the "official" request.

For your memory, we'd like to hear the car number each time the car passes under the loop.
This is a feature available in Winarc (main competitor of RC Timing in France).
It's not urgent.

For the moment I've hijacked the transponder level anouncement. If the transp. level is under 150 then play car%$ sound .. Of course in that way, if a pilot has a transponder problem we are not really warned...

Best regards,


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