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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Car ID's are not synced from MyRCM into RCM
Sequence 1423
Classification Bug
Priority Medium
Status Done
Kickoff date Mar 20, 2014
Maturity date Mar 20, 2014
Version 2.2.0
Expense 0
Description I had one driver who has 3 transponders with the same number, but of course different ID numbers. This is all ok on; entry form and in laptimes screen as also in the transponder protocol screen. See screen shot. But they are not in the timekeeping screen and in the inventory base at this person. It shows that he has entered with 3 the same transponder numbers, but there are no ID numbers behind. So we as timekeeping think he had made a mistake, and will remove the rest. But in this case I did not do this. Ask him why he did this, and then he told me that he has different ID numbers in these transponders.

Could you please take a look at this problem for us? So we will not make the mistake of removing the extra transponder numbers

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