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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary SuperPole winnter has been moved up twice into the main final
Sequence 2136
Classification Bug
Priority High
Status Done
Kickoff date Sep 16, 2016
Maturity date Sep 16, 2016
Expense 0
Description When de Superpole has being driven, the winner of the Superpole is in the main final arrangement 2 times. So I have to remove one double name and then it is good. ( tried to reboot RCM. And I saw in the arrangement -> driverslist field not the name anymore that I removed.


Timestamp Who Comment
Sep 16, 2016 7:11:44 AM Felix Romer Problem was reproducable like this:
After confirming all SuperPole finals, the leader has been moved up into the main final. If the additional SuperPole practice heat has also been marked as "driven" and also has been confirmed, then the move up has been executed again - what is of course wrong.

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