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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Add 30-25-20-15-10-5 min to start announcement also to section "preparedness"
Sequence 657
Classification Feature Request
Priority Medium
Status Done
Kickoff date Mar 10, 2011
Maturity date Apr 1, 2011
Version 1.4.17
Expense 0
Description I have previously written I can not get the sound system to say the "countdown" 30-25-20-15-10-5-4min to start. I found out it's claim that I have set the countdown to first start by 3min / 180sek. which is what we want it to say between all the heats. But when you have long breaks in the day. So it's a good thing that it says 30-25-20-15-10-5-4min to start. But
lest it should say the timings of all heats. So we must manually set the countdown started when we hold a long pause. Is it possible that we may add 30-25-20-15-10-5 min to start the "preparedness"?

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