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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Participant list import -> auto assignment to single section
Sequence 1726
Classification Feature Request
Priority Medium
Status Done
Kickoff date Apr 30, 2015
Maturity date Apr 30, 2015
Expense 0
Description Current situation:
- participant list with no section code
- participant list is imported into RCM
- RCM just synchronizes the persons, (no section assignments nor participants of the event)

Target situation:
- event has just one section
- in this case, the participant list import could use this single section for the import

The request will be implemented, but this "auto fallback" will just work if either no section code or an empty section code is provided within the participant list. If a section code is provided, then the imported will proceed as it is.

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New value : Running
Apr 30, 2015 8:22:03 AM Felix Romer Field: Status
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