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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Voice message with driver position after passing the antenna
Sequence 644
Classification Feature Request
Priority High
Status Done
Kickoff date Feb 28, 2011
Maturity date Feb 28, 2011
Version 1.4.17
Expense 0
Description Let me tell you, about point 1, you are right, also I want to tell you I agree with you. Despite of that, let me tell you a comment from a club timekeeper, it is very interesting. Of course now, you and me should think not as professional time keepers, only as RCM sellers. We have competence in Spain, other software -called SJ Crono- is wining me the battle in many clubs. This soft is worst than ours, will never have such development, such technology, such features, .... but clubs prefer it because it does things, maybe not professional ones, like said in point one, things users -drivers mainly- "LOVE" Why not then to include it and let the final user to decide if it has to be activated or not?
Let´s go further: we want to sell RCM as much as possible, also to clubs, and those clubs should buy the Ultimate... you prefer to sell a lot of
Ultimates, right?... BUT those clubs will never work professional, they do not need it, will never time keeping a National, nor an EC nor a WC
This guy told me if we could include those not professional things other bad softwares have, we could sell RCM to everybody, no excuse not to do it -now the excuse is SJ crono makes this, and we need this...

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