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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Time of external start button (AMBrc3 and AMBrc4 decoder) is too low
Sequence 2790
Classification Bug
Priority High
Status Done
Kickoff date Nov 12, 2019
Maturity date Nov 12, 2019
Version 2.4.6
Expense 0
Description In Groupstart, the first loop pass after the start caused all cars to finish on the timekeeping screen. The same phenomenon occurred again with the same member re-race, so after that, I ended the following race without using the accessory function.


Timestamp Who Comment
Nov 12, 2019 9:56:03 AM Felix Romer The start has been triggered over the external start button which is connected to the decoder. This caused that 2 passings with the transponder number 9992 has been sent from the decoder to RCM, which one:
- started the heat
- set the decoder offset based on the passed time within this message

But the problem was, that this time has twice been devided by 1000 - instead of only once. This cased that the decoder offset was set way too low (1573393780 instead of 1573393780333) what caused again, the the passing have had a negative time.

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