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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Miscalculation in a tie in a rain situation from quarter final with just 1 tree
Sequence 1489
Classification Bug
Priority Urgent
Status Done
Kickoff date Jun 3, 2014
Maturity date Jun 30, 2014
Expense 0
Description Hi Felix.

Like we have talked before about an tie calculation from RCM when a 1/4 or lower final has being driven in a rain situation.

IF a semi fianl is run in the rain, the result are then 2 times place 11, 2 times place 13, 2 times place 15 and so on.
when there is a complete ( A and B) quarter final or even lower, then it also be calculated like this.
but when there are as many drivers that there is just one tree of a quarter final, like just an A, the calculation must be:
place 20, 21, 22, 23 and so on.

Now RCM does this wrong.
We get now 2 times a place 21, 2 times a plce 23 and so on.
this is really not the right calculation when just one half of a tree from a Sub Final is driven.

See picture as an excample.

Please can you take a look at this.
It is really important that this is correct. especially when users run a big international event like GP, EC or even a WC.

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