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Project RCM Ultimate
Summary Auto club transponder recognition / Assingment
Sequence 621
Classification Feature Request
Priority Medium
Status Done
Kickoff date Dec 1, 2010
Maturity date Jan 28, 2011
Version 1.4.18
Expense 0
Description Hi Felix.
Here the request for change in RCM concerning the auto recognition/assingment from club transponders.

In Slyvox ( sorry for that hahha) is an function that; when you set an specific club transponder set active and a driver has no transponder set in the personal database, it will automatic assign a club transponder, according to his start number, to this driver.
So for example:
Driver with start number 2 has no own transponder. He passes the loop, and then RCM gives him automatically the club transponder, from the set that is set(s) for this race, with the number 1234562.
This is what Slyvox does.
And Slyvos goes even a bit further.

When you make a heat arrangement and there are drivers that has no own transponder, Slyvox gives them automatically a club transponder from the set(s) that are active.
So on the printout there will be drivers with own transponder number and drivers with just, think in the box temp TX, a number, this number is the last number of the seven numbers on the club transponder. So for example this driver has a number 2 in the temp TX box. And this number corresponds with the last number of the club transponder, in set eh…. Green or Blue.
So as I understand it, this is changed when the final arrangements are made and so on.

Personally: I think this is a bit confusing to change the transponder every time when a new arrangement has made.
But, I think an auto club transponder assignment is a good thing.
When a driver has no transponder and we/ the timekeepers/people that make the race ready, and we take a look at the print-preview, that there are club transponder assign to the driver that has no own transponders.
Of course only when a club transponder is set to active and specified in the event settings at the start of making a race.
So, if the organization has club transponders and is set active, when we make the event, it never could happen that someone has NO transponder.
Think it is wise when this is does and active, this club transponder for the driver, will be the transponder he will use for the hole event.

Or…you can do this as in Sparc ( sorry again).
In Sparc you enter, in the box club transponders, all the numbers from these transponders.
When you enter the transponder number, you have to give this one an abbreviated number.
For example: club transponder 1234567 is GR7 ( Gr= Green for the set color and 7 for the last number of the club transponder).
Then when you make an arrangement and there is a driver without a personal transponder, you just enter in the box Temp TX GR7.
Just an idea.
Think, if possible, auto recognition with an abbreviated number, is an very handy feature for us users. What is your opinion on this?

Ok this was it again.
Hope you can work with this, and understand what I mean.
As always Felix, thanks in advance for all your work for us and RCM Ultimate.

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