# Summary Version Status Type Priority
RCM Ultimate
3315 last chance subfinal wrong --> 11 drivers despite 12 Done Bug Low
3309 Super Pole results missing on MyRCM Done Bug Low
3286 Subsequent heat correction generates a wrong laplist table Done Bug Medium
3280 Address data is not imported anymore, if the MyRCM subscriptions are imported Done Bug Low
3276 Wrong car number values are shown in heat report Done Bug Medium
3278 Wrong heat reports after executing "rebuild all reports" Done Bug High
3267 After executing the reseeding, all following rounds should have the same arrangement. Done Change Request Medium
3277 Removing a pilot from a group in Xmas tree does not work anymore Done Bug Medium
3275 Ranking issue Done Bug High
3273 Blue flag pop-up behaviour Done Feature Request Low
3265 Process Error (Decoder) Done Bug High
3251 Manual bump up system in finals Done Bug Medium
3247 Heat arrangements dialog - remove pilot from heat Done Bug Medium
2981 Liste der letzten Rundenzeiten im Rennablauffenster wird nach Ändern der Zoomstufe nicht immer angezeigt 2.4.9 Done Bug Medium
3067 Infomessage, if some groups has been skipped within group arrangement reports 2.4.9 Done Change Request Low
2744 DNS flag should only be set, if the pilot has not started the heat at all 2.4.9 Running Change Request Medium
3058 Add the Labels feature for free practice and controlled testing 2.4.9 Done Change Request Low
3042 Berechnung Mediumzeit bei den Finalläufen 2.4.9 Done Change Request Medium
2105 Rundenzeiten im Online Modus über RCM Sound und Publisher ausgeben 2.4.9 Done Feature Request Low
2594 Autostart of open practice 2.4.9 Done Feature Request Low
2951 Driver's mobile number as mandatory field in myrcm subscriptions 2.4.9 Done Feature Request Low
3043 LUMIRANK Seriennummer im Gird anzeigen 2.4.9 Done Feature Request Low
2968 Printing of pilot certificates 2.4.9 Done Feature Request Medium
2800 Zeitplaneinstellung 2.4.9 Done Support Request Low
2980 Standardabweichung falsch wenn erste Runde eine kurze Runde ist 2.4.9 Done Support Request Low
3130 Lumirank 2.4.9 Done Feature Request Low
3302 1:8 IC efra ranking mode 2.4.9 Done Feature Request Urgent
3112 Inaccurate lap time when it's added by hand 2.4.9 Done Support Request Low