# Zusammenfassung Version Status Typ Priorität
RCM Ultimate
1198 Final heat arrangement report -> multiple entries of same final group Done Bug Medium
1197 Some pilots are removed from the event after using the online race mode Done Bug Urgent
1173 Feldauswahl des Dialogs Meisterschaftsrangliste bleibt nicht bestehen Done Bug Low
1191 Standardabweichung falsch wenn erste Runde eine kurze Runde ist Done Bug Low
1192 RCM Ultimate shows the temperature and voltage, but not the Publisher Done Bug Low
1163 Error Message that point schema is too small Done Bug Medium
1184 Export - Import > missing Sport line is Empty Done Bug Medium
1193 Wrong point assignment in final ranking list, if pilot has not been driving Done Bug High
1180 Points 1 to 10 to final A and 11 to XX Done Change Request Low
1068 How to correct a wrong transpondernumber after a heat Done Change Request Medium
1187 Manual move up of pilots by Drag & Drop into the upper final Done Change Request Medium
1167 Giving the export-file a more logical name! Done Feature Request Low
901 Enhance manual lap buttons in order to have the opportunity to support more than 20 buttons Done Feature Request Medium
1188 Online race mode: possibility to access the Laplist of a particular pilot Done Feature Request Medium
1189 Online race mode: possibility to access the transponder and frequency dialog Done Feature Request Medium
1190 Online race mode: possibility to assign a transponder to a person Done Feature Request Medium
1162 Unassign transponder to a driver during a run Done Feature Request High
1161 Time of Final is set to 0 after import, instead of 24h Done Bug Low
1156 AMBrc USB Decoder Interface doesn't work anymore Done Bug Medium
1158 Bug in data archiving manager Done Bug Medium
1157 Interface clients are showing sometimes wrong data Done Bug High
1160 Possibility to change colors of new LED panel Done Change Request Medium
1159 Event logging for all inventory data Done Feature Request Medium
1141 Selection of heat sequences doesn't work in heat selection dialog Done Bug Medium
1142 Bug in data archiving dialog Done Bug Medium
1137 Time schedule is showing the nodes red again instead of green Done Bug High
1138 Added CarId to the existing Transponder Field of Participantlist and Grouparrangement Done Change Request Medium
1139 Replace the digital clocks of the race dialog by new ones with more contrast Done Feature Request High
1124 Wrong sort order of persons in inventory data after data import Done Bug Low
1135 RCM does not restart automatically after online software update Done Bug Low
1104 MyRCM Registration date can not be set to the right value Done Bug Medium
1127 RCM data import stops at step "Resetting Country SyncKeys...." Done Bug High
1128 Online Software Updater is not able to download the update packages Done Bug High
1140 Participant manager -> wrong person is added if a filter is applied Done Bug Urgent
1092 Export ranking lists in EXCEL as optoins is activated Export as XLS Excel Done Feature Request Medium
1095 CSV file is loading with the wrong encoding Done Bug Medium
1101 RCM Ultimate Master shows error message with content "0x0" after synchronizing the database Done Bug Medium
1102 "Transfer heat to Master" doesn't work anymore within RCM Ultimate Slave Done Bug Medium
1105 Link to section on MyRCM is encoded wrongly Done Bug Medium
1108 Import of RCM Ultimate v1 export incl. configurations Done Bug Medium
1096 Mainfinal configuration is not saved to database an ABC-Mixmode Done Bug High
1099 Master/Slave mode: IP editor instead of IP dropdown is active Done Bug High
1100 Pilot are not markes as qualified in final arrangement dialog (even if the have driven a qualy heat) Done Bug High
1106 Wrong point assignment in final mode (with linked point scheme) Done Bug High
1103 Person is not saved during MyRCM synchronization, if "Convert to UpperCase" is activated Done Change Request Medium
1021 Fenster verlieren Focus 2.0.0 Done Bug Low
1015 Point assignment of separated ranking lists in combi mode 2.0.0 Done Bug Medium
1016 Punishment doesn't work correctly of heat is counted with BestLap(s) 2.0.0 Done Bug Medium
1036 LapZ Decoder Interface 2.0.0 Done Bug Medium
1037 Audio output with LapZ decoder 2.0.0 Done Bug Medium
1050 If custom link within event contains "&", then the sync is not working anymore 2.0.0 Done Bug Medium
1028 Laps will be not collected anymore, after a punishment has been inserted during an ongoing race 2.0.0 Done Bug High
1033 RCM Signal is not working correct during a run in version .....59 2.0.0 Done Bug High
1027 Berechnung der Durchschnittsgeschwindkeit bei gefahrener ersten Runde unnötig 2.0.0 Done Change Request Low
1034 Wrong TX adding after adding a new TX in timekeepingscreen 2.0.0 Done Bug Urgent
676 CSV Datenimport -> Codepage/Coding des Import-Files auswählbar 2.0.0 Done Change Request Medium
1014 Adjust DMC import 2.0.0 Done Change Request Medium
1069 Enhanced "just upload modified file" option of FTP Sync 2.0.0 Done Change Request Medium
1074 Make it possible to create complete time schedule without any participant 2.0.0 Done Change Request Medium
1065 Global fix for laptime threshold 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Low
1011 Add properties in event and section for new extended search on MyRCM 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1013 Decoder Interface for Kyosho LapZ system 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1049 Implement new AMBrc4 protocol to support additional fields of new hybrid transponder 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1051 Add additional field into model data tab within user administration 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1056 Announcement for fastest lap (lap record) 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1075 Possibility to define section specific group delays within time schedule 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1081 Adding XLS as additional import type 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1083 Adding XLS as additional export type 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1055 Announcements every time a car passes over the antenna giving the car position 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Medium
1076 Recalculate race result, if lock time is adjusted during an ongoing heat 2.0.0 Done Feature Request High
940 Backgoundcolor of manual added time schedule entries 2.0.0 Done Miscellaneous Low
Racetiming Cockpit
3149 Rechnungen Gutschein 2.0.0 Done Bug Low
3119 Abbuchung von mehrfachen Tickets, falls kein passenden Ticket vorhanden ist 2.0.0 Done Change Request Medium
3131 Kassenschublade erst öffnen, wenn Rückgeld Dialog öffnet 2.0.0 Done Change Request Medium
RCM Publisher
1254 Encoding problem within communication with interface clients Done Bug High
1149 Ressourcentexte lassen sich nicht ändern Done Bug Low
1296 Restlaufzeit wird meistens nicht angezeigt Done Bug Low
1020 Format der Gesamtzeitanzeige Done Change Request Low
1226 Km/h Anzeige in RCM Publisher Done Change Request Low
1199 Personal settings of Led color clock and background color clock Done Change Request Nice to have
1266 Publisher loosing connection with MyRCM Done Bug Low
1273 RCM Publisher update problem Done Support Request Low
1112 RCM Publisher VGA 2.0.0 Done Feature Request Low
RCM Voice
1179 RCM Voice does not work properly with the latest RCM Professional Update Done Bug Low