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Version History

  Race Control Management Ultimate
Typ Update
Date 22 Nov 2010 13:21:53
Notices [05. November 2010]
[M] > Modified Championship Editor -> added new configurations to control calculation
[M] > Modified Championship Report -> highlight points of counted event results (by pilot)

[29. October 2010]
[F] > Improved CSV Import -> Frequency can have the following format: '40825', '40.825', '40,825' or Channel '82'
[M] > Implemented two new configurations to configure, if Training- and Qualyrankinglist should contain all pilots

[22. October 2010]
[M] > Modified Participant List -> Caption was on wrong page if page break exists
[M] > Modified Decoder Configuration -> WatchDog can be activated / deactivated
[M] > Modified Interface Dialog -> added WatchDog configuration to Decoder Interfaces
[M] > Modified sorting of users -> sorting is not case sensitiv anymore
[M] > Modified Database Sync from Master to Slave -> remove all archivied Event on Slave

[15. October 2010]
[M] > Replaced Socket component for all Network Decoder Interfaces
[F] > Implemented transfer of OffTime changes in race dialog from Master to Slave
[F] > Implemented transfer of RaceTime changes in race dialog from Master to Slave

[24. September 2010]
[F] > Implemented transfer of Track Condition changes in race dialog from Master to Slave

[17. September 2010]
[M] > Added connecting timeout of 10 seconds to FTP synchronizer

[10. September 2010]
[M] > Added encoding to Http response of MyRCM Registration List (to fix encoding problems)

[03. September 2010]
[F] > Implemented Database Sync for Master to Slave (on request)

[27. August 2010]
[F] > Implemented FTP Server -> used for Master-Slave Database Sync

[20. August 2010]
[F] > Added Master <-> Slave Status to StatusBar
[F] > Improved Master <-> Slave Connection Manager
[M] > Improved StatusBar -> highlight Panel (red), if Decoder is Offline

[07. August 2010]
[M] > Implemented Grid Multiselection in Timeschedule Editor (Drag & Drop)

[06. August 2010]
[M] > Implemented WatchDog for all Decoder Interfaces
[M] > Decoder Status will change to Offline, if connection is lost (TCP / COM / USB)
[M] > Improved stability of all Interfaces (Publisher, Board, Signal, Voice)
[M] > Improved Transponder Logfile -> added LapNumber, LapTime and AbsolutTime
[B] > Fixed bug of AMBrc3 COM Decoder Interface (State has changed to online with no Decoder connected)

[30. July 2010]
[M] > Splitted StartRace Announcement for SingleStart & GroupStart
[M] > Splitted RaceFinished Announcement for SingleStart & GroupStart
[M] > Added new configuration to set if DelayTime should be used for RaceFinished Announcements