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Version History

  Race Control Management Ultimate
Typ Update
Date 09 Jul 2010 12:38:46
Notices [06. July 2010]
[B] > Fixed bug in Final Rankinglist calculation

[25. June 2010]
[M] > Improved Timeout integration -> Comment on Heat Report and start of Countdown (if activated)
[M] > Modified Training- and Qualytablelist -> just print selected heats instead of all (if heat field is activated)

[18. June 2010]
[F] > Implemented additional menu item under Tools to activate / deactivate automatic event controlling

[15. June 2010]
[B] > Fixed Logo update of RCM Publisher
[B] > Fixed Time Schedule integration -> wrong Heat selection in (Sub-)Final, if Training has been activated
[B] > Fixed HTML TreeView Report -> Training and first Heat has pointed to the same (Sub-)Final Heat Report

[11. June 2010]
[F] > Implemented adding of Lapnumber to Besttime Record
[F] > Implemented Datasynchonisation with MyRCM WebServer (Registration List)
[B] > Fixed bug in Championship Import -> Qualy and Final Points have not been imported

[21. May 2010]
[F] > Implemented LapTime Editor

[14. May 2010]
[M] > Added new field 'Section' to Group-, Rankinglist- and Heatreport Template
[M] > Improved logic of moving existing results, if pilot is moved within final arrangement

[07. May 2010]
[M] > Added new configurations for Remaining Time and Positioning announcements (up to 6 hours)
[M] > Modified calculation of max points, if 'Number of participant' is configured (just count assigned participant)

[27. April 2010]
[M] > Modified time schedule integration configuration -> AutoStart Heat option is now always active

[23. April 2010]
[M] > Modified handling of database template -> added version number
[M] > Modified End-Of-Race announcement -> depending on start type (Single- / Groupstart)