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Version History

  Race Control Management Ultimate
Typ Fullversion
Date 23 Jul 2009 13:59:26
Notices [20. July 2009]
[B] > Fixed wrong track length of MyLaps export (km instead of m)
[M] > Modified Backupmanager -> DB backup can be stored in sys and manual directory
[F] > Implemented new function to change the section link of a active section in a event
[B] > Modified DataInterface -> skip update if an announcement has been started manually

[10. July 2009]
[M] > Modified Section Administration -> check for unique Section Code
[B] > Fixed wrong point scheme validation in Rule Administration Dialog
[B] > Fixed wrong lookup of default language keys in Language Editor
[F] > Implemented new configuration to activate automatically heat finalization

[03. July 2009]
[F] > Implemented Final Training in Time Schedule
[M] > Modified Rule Administration -> show message if event has to be reloaded to adopt the changes

[02. July 2009]
[M] > Modified Template Engine -> highlight counted heats in rankinglists
[M] > Modified Voice Manager -> use cross-section groupnumbers for announcement, if available
[M] > Modified Heat Report -> Laplist is sorted by pilot position / added pilot number to header
[F] > Implemented new Report Template for Lap Protocol of Heat Report

[26. June 2009]
[F] > Implemented possibility to create consecutively pilot numbers
[M] > Modified Championship > added new configuration "Licence required"
[M] > Modified Race Dialog > Countdown can be configured to stay open after start of race