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Version History

  Race Control Management Advanced
Typ Update
Date 13 Jul 2009 10:13:53
Notices [03. July 2009]
[M] > Modified Rule Administration -> show message if event has to be reloaded to adopt the changes

[02. July 2009]
[M] > Modified Template Engine -> highlight counted heats in rankinglists
[M] > Modified Heat Report -> Laplist is sorted by pilot position / added pilot number to header
[F] > Implemented new Report Template for Lap Protocol of Heat Report

[26. June 2009]
[F] > Implemented possibility to create consecutively pilot numbers
[M] > Modified Race Dialog > Countdown can be configured to stay open after start of race

[19. June 2009]
[M] > Modified CSV Import -> use '-' as trigger to clear data field
[F] > Show Template information in status bar of Print Preview Dialog
[B] > Fixed Drag&Drop problem in Practice Arrangement Dialog
[B] > Fixed bug in LapList (first lap is not allowed to be BestTime)
[B] > Fixed bug in Punishment Dialog (EndTime was wrong calculated in some cases)
[B] > Fixed bug in Data Import (auto correction and punishment texts were not correctly imported)

[12. June 2009]
[B] > Fixed bug with some wrong Help System Entry calls
[B] > Fixed bug in Data Archiving System (double section assignments)
[B] > Fixed bug in Correction Dialog (restore if move up during ongoing heat)
[M] > Comment field of section assignments is now used for report field "comment"

[05. June 2009]
[B] > Fixed synchronisation problem of Championship

[14. May 2009]
[F] > Implemented new configuration to configure Racetime Reset of Singlestart

[07. May 2009]
[F] > Race dialog -> added short key F5 to start race button
[F] > Race dialog -> added short key F6 to stop race button
[B] > Fixed refresh problem of club assignments after CSV Import

[17. April 2009]
[F] > Implemented Report Header Configurator (Report Editor)
[M] > Moved ReportInfo Configuration to Report Header

[10. April 2009]
[B] > Fixed Birthday Import of MyRCM Participant list
[M] > Modified Import -> Ignore case for Pilotdata synchronistaion (prevent double entries)
[B] > Fixed ordering problem of Report Templates (Template Editor)

[03. April 2009]
[M] > Implemented generic escaping function for CSV import

[27. March 2009]
[F] > Implemented Training Heat for Finals

[20. March 2009]
[M] > Implemented marking of a particular Final Heat as not counted

[13. March 2009]
[M] > Modified Training and Qualy Arrangement Editor
[F] > Implemented printing of Finalrankinglists over all sections
[F] > Implemented creating of Section-spreaded group numbering
[F] > Implemented Group Arrangement based on Championship of previous or current year
[F] > Implemented installation of local Software Update Package(s) over Online Software Update

[06. March 2009]
[B] > Fixed section mapping of CSV import (not case sensitive anymore)

[27. February 2009]
[M] > Modified Export Engine -> export pilot licence data depending on configuration (XML / CSV)
[M] > Modified Import Engine -> import pilot licence data depending on configuration (XML / CSV)

[17. February 2009]
[B] > Fixed bug with point mode in Training- and Qualyrankinglist

[06. February 2009]
[M] > Implemented export of EventTypes (Constants)
[M] > Implemented import of EventTypes (Constants)
[F] > Modified Report Editor -> the encoding of the reports can be configured

[09. January 2009]
[B] > Fixed Bug with closing RCM during setup of a new event (RCM has closed anyway)

[02. January 2009]
[M] > Modified Configuration Import -> all necessary configurations are reloaded automatically
[M] > Modified Sectionlist Administration -> Sections can be sorted by Drag & Drop

[24. December 2008]
[F] > Implemented point scheme depended point distrubution mode for Training & Qualy
[M] > Modified Rule Administration -> added new point distrubution mode for Training & Qualy

[23. December 2008]
[M] > Modified Interface Dialog -> replaced network address editor with combo box

[19. December 2008]
[B] > Fixed bug in RecordList (reload has not been done in certain combination)
[F] > Implemented Heat Recovery function (recover heat result after possible software crash)
[F] > Implemented Transponder BlackList (Transponder in BlackList will not count anymore)

[11. December 2008]
[F] > Modified PrintManager -> use copy number property of Report Template
[M] > Modified Rule Administration -> added new compare type, if points are equal
[M] > Modified Finaltable calculation > include new compare type, if points are equal

[28. November 2008]
[M] > Modified Template Editor -> added default copy number property

[14. November 2008]
[F] > Implemented interrupt of Countdown
[F] > Implemented list of car numbers, which has finished the race
[M] > Modified Racedialog -> added panel to list finished car numbers
[B] > Fixed bug with licenced flag in MyRCM participant list import

[07. November 2008]
[M] > Modified Template Editor (new Rankinglists)
[M] > Modified StyleSheet Editor (new Rankinglists)
[F] > Added additional Rankinglists (with type hierarchy)
[B] > Fixed bug with "strike through best result" in FinalTable

[30. October 2008]
[F] > Added Club and Country Field to Heat Reports

[10. October 2008]
[M] > Modified Online Software Update Dialog

[26. September 2008]
[M] > Implemented update of Section sort order (on-the-fly)

[25. September 2008]
[F] > Implemented Decoder LogFile

[24. July 2008]
[M] > Modified Configuration Dialog (Decoder Interface Settings)
[M] > Added new Decoder Configuration to ignore wrong CRC
[M] > Added new Decoder Configuration to deactivate error messages

[17. July 2008]
[B] > Fixed bug with report logo size

[11. July 2008]
[B] > Fixed problem with corrupt update packages over online update

[05. July 2008]
[M] > Modified Online Softwareupdate (installing and update of Media Resources)

[04. July 2008]
[F] > Error Message, if frequency conflict(s) exists after confirming sub final heat

[03. July 2008]
[F] > Error Message, if frequency conflict(s) exists in selected group

[02. July 2008]
[M] > Modified Voice Interface
[B] > Fixed bug in Training- and Qualy Rankinglist (wrong points for 1 place if descending)

[30. June 2008]
[M] > Modified Export and Import Dialog
[F] > Implemented importing of Participantlists

[24. June 2008]
[M] > Use date and time format settings for report header and footer

[19. June 2008]
[M] > Modified switching from wet <-> dry condition -> reset of confirmation

[13. May 2008]
[B] > Fixed bug in CSV Import
[B] > Fixed bug in RCM Archive Import

[09. May 2008]
[F] > Implemented new MoveUp mode for SubFinals (depending on Final Rankinglist)
[M] > Modified Online Softwareupdate (installing of new Language Resources)
[M] > Modified Correction Buttons > use Pilot Number if available (instead of Car Number)

[08. May 2008]
[M] > Modified wrong allocation of Pilot Numbers
[M] > Modified Rule Administration > added MoveUp Type configuration for SubFinal