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RCM Ultimate

RCM Ultimate is the base component of all RCM Client of products. RCM Ultimate illustrates all international regulations (IFMAR, EFRA) and to a large extent also their national regulations.

With the program you perform practices, qualifications and finals in a very clear form and simple handling.

The program is at any time updated for reporting and all administrative work can also be done during an active run.

If you have an Internet connection on your track, the data can be placed directly online into the Internet.

Features Overview

  • Create an Event with different sections
  • A section is based on a rule and on data of the trace.
  • Configuration are mainly based on the regulation of EFRA and IFMAR
  • Configuration of the rules are numerous and very flexible, so you are able to create your own rule settings
  • Import or data entry of personal data or federation data, data will be synchronised inserted
  • Automatically heat arrangements in respect with the skill of a driver and frequency settings and possible mechanic conflicts
Time keeping:
  • Start and complete the counting of race with AMB or Robitronic receivers
  • Register laps, best laps and times
  • The race proceeding is intuitive guided with state display
  • Automatically generation of ranking list for practice, qualification and finals
  • Corrections and additional comments can be added
  • After a correction all related data information are recalculated in order to have actual lists
  • Lists ->Participants, Practice heats, Qualification heats, Final heats
  • Race results -> Summary of the race results, lap times, information about corrections and punishments
  • Ranking lists -> practice, Qualification, Finals, Championship
  • All reports are html formatted and the setup can be customized and stored individually
  • AMBrc supported with RS232 and USB and AMBrc3/AMBrc4 supported with RS232 and TCP/IP
  • Robitronic systems supported with RS232 Scoring Boards supported with RS232 according to customized requirements
  • Signalisation (traffic lights and audible signs) supported with RS232
  • Printer configuration based on Printer Setup of the windows system XP or Windows 2000/2003
  • Report can be synchronized with (S)FTP to MyRCM or a dedicated WebServer
Import / Export:
  • Import from Excel, columns are configurable
  • Import from other RCM databases,
  • Datasynchronisation of federation data
  • Internet connection to manage software update functions
  • Internet connection to manage online reporting
  • Export of race data and html reports
Useful functions:
  • Frequency calculator, Frequency blocker
  • Search for drivers and transponders
  • Time schedule planning
  • Language Editor
  • More language can be provided and stored in RCM
  • Manuals are available in the languages English and German
  • Report Configuration Editor
  • Championship generator
  • Skill Adjustments, similar to the Tennis ATP ranking list
Delivery consists of:
  • 1 x RCM Ultimate 
  • 3 x RCM Light
  • 3 x RCM Publisher
  • 1 x RCM Voice
  • To use RCM Publisher and RCM Voice in combination with RCM Ultimate you need a LAN or a W-LAN configuration
  • Internet is necessary for Online Reporting and Software downloads.

Maintenance Contract

With the purchase of an RCM Ultimate license the maintenance contract for the 1. Year is included. The contract can be extended by one year at a time after the 1. Year of purchase. The costs of it will be 15% of the purchase price (75 Euro). 

The maintenance contract contains the following points:

  • Access to current fullversions and updates
  • Free Hotlinesupport (12 hours / 7 days)
  • Customer's requests concerning the software can be implemented (after consultation with RC-Timing)

System Specification

Supported operating system:
  • Windows 2000 Professional, Server
  • Windows XP Home, Professional
  • Windows Vista (with adjusted user rights)
  • Windows 7 (with adjusted user rights)
  • Windows 8 (with adjusted user rights)
Minimal requirements:
  • Prozessor: Pentium IV with 1.6 GHz (or more)
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • Diskspace: 2 GB or more
  • Printer: Parallel or USB or Fileprinter
  • AMB: Serial RS232 or USB
  • Robitronic: Serial RS232
  • Internet: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox