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RCM Ultimate is the ultimate software for time-keeping and race management. RCM Ultimate is the optimal solution for clubs or single persons to organize all race-events from t a small club race up to a World Championship.

Performance survey:

  • driver administration including statistical information, club membership and team affiliation
  • drivers license administration
  • database for country codes, frequencies and federations
  • extensive setups for the rules
  • automatic and manual arrangement of practice and qualification heats as well as
  • the finals according to different criterions like the drivers skills
  • semi automatic creation of time schedules
  • extensive control instruments during an heat
  • administration of penalties and warnings
  • results according to laps and time for practice, qualification and finals
  • best time in practice and qualification
  • point system in practice, qualification and finals
  • automatic arrangement of the finals according to electric and I.C. rules
  • several lists of participants including lists with and without frequencies and transponder numbers
  • team results
  • several different ranking list
  • results including lap times
  • championship management including results
  • data archives
  • data import and export including an interface to other programs (for example MS Excel)
  • automatic voice announcements
  • manual and automatic sequence control
  • automatic control of a second time keeping system

The concept of RCM Ultimate is a server-client architecture. To avoid that RCM Ultimate is overloaded with complex and partly customer specific needs special functions not related to the time keeping have been realized in client-programs, which connect to RCM Ultimate. To use these clients you have to install a network. RCM Publisher (result publishing in the drivers area), RCM Voice (separate Voice announcements), RCM Signal (signal control) and RCM Registration (administration of drivers data) support RCM Ultimate and can help you with the race organization.

Features Matrix

  Free Practice
  Online Mode
Start of a heat
  Automatic with Countdown
  Automatic according to time schedule
Voice announcements
  Automatic announcements definable
  Countdown to start
  Start signal
  Ranking order in certain time intervalls
  Race end
  Race end per driver
  Loop passed
End of a heat
  Automatic with follow up time
Functions in between a heat
  Interrupt race
  Abort race
  Assignment of transponders
  Warning if Tx not assigned
  Laptime protocoll an statistic
  Wet and dry conditions selectable
  Transponder logfile
  Not counting more laps for a driver
  Remove laps counted
  Manual correction of laps
  Correction of lap and time
  Result set to zero
  Loss of best result
  Deduction of laps
  Additional laps
  Comments for penalties
  Remove best lap(s)
  Time penalty
  Stop & Go
  Cancel corrections/penalties
Printing of result
  Ranking according the rules
  Top 10 ranking list
  Penatlies and warnings
  Corrections and penalties
Additional features timekeeping
  Warning if lap shorter than locktime
  Difference to the time schedule
  Automatic features can be interrupted
  Rain scoring
  Team scoring
  Autmatic control of 2nd timekeeping
Unterst├╝tzte Hardware
  AMB20 Decoder
  AMBRC Decoder
  AMBrc3 Decoder
  Robitronic Decoder
  LapZ Decoder
  Kyosho IC Decoder
  GiroZ Decoder
  RfLapCounter Decoder
  SP64 Decoder
  I-LapRC Decoder
  SpeedTX Deccoder
  AlienRFID Decoder
  CronoLaps Decoder
  Trackmate Decoder
  Standard rule
  Top-Plus rule
  Combination rule
  Open/Promo rule
  Reedy Race rule
  With of without practice
  Race ends after laps
  Race ends after time
  Race ends after laps/time
  Single start
  Single start with delay
  Delaytime adjustable
  Single start with interval
  Intervaltime adjustable
  Group start
  Result lap/times
  Result best laps
  Ranking lap/times
  Rankins with points
  Starting order with numbers
  Starting order with ranking list
  Starting order with last heat
  Starting order with configuration
  Max. number of drivers per heat
  Number of practice rounds
  Number of counted rounds
  Number of best laps
  Best laps added or average
  Best laps in sequence or single
  Follow up time adjustable
  Points ascending or descending
  Points automatically
  Points manual definable
  Points according the number of drivers
  Solution for ties
  With of without qualification
  Race ends after laps
  Race ends after time
  Race ends after laps/time
  Single start
  Single start with delay
  Delaytime adjustable
  Single start with interval
  Intervaltim adjustable
  Group start
  Result lap/times
  Result best laps
  Ranking lap/times
  Rankins with points
  Starting order with numbers
  Starting order with ranking list
  Starting order with last heat
  Starting order with configuration
  Max. number of drivers per heat
  Number of qualification rounds
  Number of counted rounds
  Number of best laps
  Best laps added or average
  Best laps in sequence or single
  Follow up time adjustable
  Points ascending or descending
  Points automatically
  Points manual definable
  Points according the number of drivers
  Solution for ties
  Sub- and Mainfinal
  Sub- and Mainfinal (ABC Mixmode)
  Singel start
  Group start
  Separate ranking for licensed and non
  Starting order with numbers
  Startung order with ranking list
  Starting order with last final
  Max. numbers of drivers per final
  Practice for finals
  Practice time final adjustable
  Practice for subfinals
  Practice time subfinals adjustable
  Number of finals
  Racte time finals
  Number of subfinals
  Racetime subfinals
  Number of counted finals
  Number of direct qualified drivers
  Number of drivers moving up
  Number of Drivers moving up laps/time
  Optimize last subfinal
  Sequence order of finals
  Rain scoring linear
  Rain sorting sorted
  Seperate Adjustments for lower finals
  Point scoring
  Solution for ties
Championship editor
  Presence points qualification
  Points for qualification ranking
  Presence points finals
  Points for final ranking list
  Points depending on number of drivers
  Definition of pointscheme
Heat Arrangement
  Seperate arrangement
  Practice arrangmenet for qualification
  Automatic arrangement
  Arrangement according to driver skill
  Arrangement according to frequencies
  Manual arrangement
  Automatic driver numbers
  Automatic group numbers
  Reseeding according to ranking list
  Best drivers in last heat
  Mechanic control
  Groups can be renamed
  Arrangement can be changed every time
  Errormessages (e.g. frequencies)
  Suggestion for frequency change
  Heat arrangement removable
  Automatic according to the rule
  Manual changable
  With not qualified drivers
  New driver numbers possible
  Errormessages (e.g. frequencies)
  Suggestion for frequency change
  Printer selectable (one or more)
  Copies per printer
  Driver data sheet
  Participant lists with and without frequencies
  Participant lists per country
  Practice heat arrangement
  Qualification heat arrangement
  Finals arrangement
  Practice ranking list
  Qualification ranking list
  Qualification ranking list in distinction
  Final ranking list
  Ranking list of the day
  Championship ranking list
  Result with laptimes
  Time schedules
  Statistical lists
  When corrections, all reports new
Formatting of Printouts
  Individuall configurable
  No frequencies on internet
  Club-logo can be used
  Reports can begenerated at any time
  Setting of typeface and size
Inventora data
  Prename and last name
  Address (street, town, telephone, email)
  License assigned to person
  Block affiliation
  Picture of driver
Section data per driver
  Multi Channel frequency
  Personal transponder
  Temporary transponder
  Skill of driver
  Personal successes
  License assigned to section
  Technical data of car
  Picture of car
  Name of the event
  Transponder set
  Type of event
  Sequence number of championships
  Publish data on MyRCM
  Contact person
  Contact person
  Vehicle type
  Age groups
Transponder set
  Arbitrary series of 10 transponders
  Transpunder number setting to car number
  Contact person
  Tracks per organizer
  Length of track
  Min. Frequency spacing for each track
  Locktime for track
  Count first lap in Qualification
  Count first lap in Finals
  Calculate pointscheme automatically
  Manual definition of point scheme
Starting order
  Free definition of starting order
  Definded according ISO standard
  Arbitrary changeble
  New countries can be added
  Arbitrary changeble
  New frequencies can be added
  Mirror Frequency recognised
  Frequency locked bysed on Orgnaizer
  Contact person
Additional features
Time schedule editor
  Automatic calculation of time schedule
  Manual changes possible
  Add breaks etc.
Championship editor
  Take over data from events
  Results not counted
  Per level
  Printout of ranking list
  Skill of driver adopted from championship
Race evaluation
  List with the goals of drivers
  Statistic of raced laps
  Replace driver in an event
  Replace section in an event
  Define language program
  Separate definition for reports
  Separate definition for announcements
  Inline text editor
  Inline announcement editor
Data import/export
  Import CSV-files
  Import XML-files
  Import XLS-files
  Import master data
  Import event data
  Import configuration
  Import association data DMC
  Export CSV-file
  Export XML-file
  Export XLS-file
  Export master data
  Export event data
  Export configuration
  Export association data DMC
Search functions
  Search function in tables
  Sort function in tables
  Selection in tables
Record management
  Best laptime per section
  Best result per section
  Best laptime of event
  Best result of event
Data archiving
  Selection of persons for archiving
  Reactivateing of persons in the archiv
Frequency changes
  Log of frequenciy changes
  Tansponder logfile
Supported client porgrams
  RCM Publisher
  RCM Publisher VGA
  RCM Publisher Server
  RCM Signal
  RCM Voice
  RCM Board
  RCM Registration
Result publishing on internet
  Automatic (if internet connection available)
  On MyRCM
  Addional on other website
  Interface to MyLaps


RCM Ultimate Benutzerhandbuch

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RCM Ultimate Benutzerhandbuch (A5 Format)

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RCM Ultimate Usermanual

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RCM Ultimate Usermanual (A5 Format)

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RCM Ultimate Usermanual

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RCM Ultimate Handleiding

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RCM Ultimate Usermanual

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Race Control Management Ultimate Demo

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Timestamp:23 Mar 2018 08:45:30
Description:RCM Ultimate (v2.4.2.511-D)
Downloadlink:Race Control Management Ultimate Demo


Supported operating system:
  • Windows Vista (do not install it within "C:\Program Files")
  • Windows 7 (do not install it within "C:\Program Files")
  • Windows 8 / 8.1 (do not install it within "C:\Program Files")
  • Windows 10 (do not install it within "C:\Program Files")
Minimal requirements:
  • Prozessor: Pentium IV with 1.6 GHz (or more)
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • Diskspace: 2 GB or more
  • Printer: Parallel, USB, Network or Fileprinter

License Agreement

RC-Timing agrees to provide the customer ("USER") with a copy of this software product ("SOFTWARE"), and grants the USER a limited license to use the SOFTWARE. The software contains all files of the installation package except for the "Dump" folder contents. This LICENSE AGREEMENT ("LICENSE") defines what the USER may do with the SOFTWARE, and contains limitations on warranties, liabilities and remedies. This LICENSE may be revoked by RC-Timing at any time without notice if the USER fails to comply with the terms of this LICENSE. The copyright and all other rights in the SOFTWARE shall remain with RC-Timing.

An unregistered copy of the SOFTWARE ("UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE") may be used by the USER for evaluation purposes for a period of thirty (30) days following the initial installation of the UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE. At the end of the trial period ("TRIAL PERIOD"), the USER must either register the SOFTWARE or remove it from his system. The UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE may be freely copied and distributed to other users for their evaluation.

A registered copy of the SOFTWARE ("REGISTERED SOFTWARE") allows the USER to use the SOFTWARE only on a single computer or network and only by a single user at a time. If the USER wishes to use the SOFTWARE for more than one user, the USER will need a separate license for each individual user. The USER is allowed to make one copy of the REGISTERED SOFTWARE for back-up purposes.

The uninstalled, UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE may be freely copied and distributed to other users provided the USER complies with the following requirements. If the USER offers this uninstalled, UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE for download ("SHAREWARE SITE USER"), then the SHAREWARE SITE USER agrees to:

  • Immediately replace this version of the uninstalled, UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE with a new version of this SOFTWARE if a new version is released by RC-Timing, or
  • Delete this version of the UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE immediately upon written email notice by RC-Timing.

This LICENSE shall continue for as long as the USER uses the REGISTERED SOFTWARE and/or distributes the UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE according to the terms of this agreement. However, this LICENSE will terminate if the USER fails to comply with any of its terms or conditions. The USER agrees, upon termination, to destroy all copies of the REGISTERED and/or UNREGISTERED SOFTWARE. The limitations of warranties and liability set forth in this LICENSE shall continue in force even after termination.

With the purchase of an RCM Ultimate license, the maintenance contract for the 1. year is included. This service agreement can be extended by one or more years at a time. The costs of it will be 15% of the purchase price (75 Euro per year) and covers the following points:

  •     Access to current fullversions and updates
  •     Free Hotlinesupport (12 hours / 7 days)
  •     Customer's requests concerning the software can be implemented (after consultation with RC-Timing)

The USER may terminate the service agreement by not paying the maintenance fee for the following year. If the USER wants to reactivate the service agreement later in order to get e.g. access to a new version of the product, then RC-Timing will charge the USER all missed and the ongoing years. Should the amount be greater than the original license cost, then the total amount would be limited according on the price of a new license.

By downloading and/or installing this SOFTWARE, the USER agrees to the terms of this LICENSE.

The software and the accompanying files are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, RC-Timing disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and noninfringement. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall RC-Timing be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption or loss of business information) arising out of the use of or inability to use the software.

Any liability of RC-Timing will be limited exclusively to product replacement or refund of original purchase price.

The USER may not rent, lease, sublicense, translate, disassemble, reverse engineer, or de-compile the SOFTWARE, or modify or merge the SOFTWARE with any part of the software in another program. This LICENSE may not be assigned or otherwise transferred without the prior written consent of RC-Timing.

If any provision of this LICENSE shall be declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this LICENSE shall remain in full force and effect to the fullest extent permitted by law. In such event, each provision of this LICENSE which is invalid or unenforceable shall be replaced with a provision as similar in terms to such invalid or unenforceable provision as may be possible which is legal and enforceable.

This LICENSE is the entire agreement between RC-Timing and the USER, and supersedes any other agreement, oral or written, and may not be changed except by a written signed agreement.