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  Race Control Management Light
Typ Update
Datum 29 Apr 2011 12:20:05
Notizen [15. April 2011]
[M] > Modified Finalrankinglist -> do not use group sortorder configuration from rule (fix: A..Z))
[B] > Fixed possible export problem, if inventory data contains an invalid rule
[M] > Modified RuleAdministration Dialog -> added new Column "Valid" to rule overview grid

[18. March 2011]
[M] > Improved Media Manager -> auto recognize if voice message contains a number
[F] > Implemented new MISS / LOST / FINISH functionality (for race overview)
[F] > Implemented functionality to add the position to each lap (Laplist and Report)

[11. March 2011]
[F] > Implemented new Configuration to deactivated Frequency Conflicts messages
[F] > Implemented new Configuration to auto confirm every heat after finalizing it
[F] > Implemented new Configuration to set delay time until next heat will be selected (Time Schedule)
[F] > Added new Preparation Announcements > 30-25-20-15-10-5-4-3-2-1 Minute(s) to start

[04. March 2011]
[F] > Implemented new function to merge two Laps from LapList (Lap Correction Dialog)
[F] > Implemented new Voice Message with CarNumber and driver Position after passing the loop
[M] > Modified Participant and Group Arrangement Report Templates -> added Frequency and Transponder Fields

[25. Februray 2011]
[F] > Improved MyRCM Synchronisation -> linked Participant to MyRCM subscription
[F] > Improved MyRCM Synchronisation -> linked Pilot to MyRCM Account (if MyRCM Account has been used)
[M] > Modified TimeSchedule Report -> Report Language is now used (instead of Application Language)
[M] > Modified TimeSchedule -> configured sortorder (Rule) will be also used for Finals (not only SubFinals)

[18. Februray 2011]
[F] > Implemented new rule mode -> Open Promo

[11. Februray 2011]
[F] > Implemented subscription limitation for MyRCM on the level of sections

[04. Februray 2011]
[M] > Modified Skilladjustment Editor -> added new configuration to enable 1:1 skill acceptance (without calculation)

[28. January 2011]
[F] > Added additional Rankinglist export to the Associationdata Export, containing all possible fields

[21. January 2011]
[F] > Implemented new function to create all reports of the loaded event (with one click)

[14. January 2011]
[B] > LapList -> fixed highlighting of best LapTime (CountFirstLap: differ between Single- and GroupStart)
[B] > Finalrankinglist -> fixed wrong sort order, if Point Schema is used (ascending points with 0 for 1. rank)
[B] > Qualified flag in Final Arrangement -> do not use configuration to include not started pilots in Qualrankinglist

[03. January 2010]
[F] > Implemented additional final move up mode -> 'Alternating Mode'
[F] > Implemented new configuration to set if LapList of Heat Report should be sorted by positioning or CarNumber

[17. December 2010]
[F] > Implemented function for pilot cross section numbering

[26. November 2010]
[B] > Fixed wrong Championship Point assignment, if Combination Rule has been used
[M] > Modified EventLoader -> remove Participant from Event, if Pilot has been removed from Masterdata
[M] > Modified OffTime -> OffTime can now be configured with a resolution of 1/10 of a second

[19. November 2010]
[M] > Default Frequency will be set to DSM (instead of Frequency 1), if new Section assignment is created