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  Race Control Management Light
Typ Update
Datum 26 Apr 2010 12:59:44
Notizen [20. April 2010]
[B] > Fixed bug in Event Import (Final Manager has not been initialized correctly)

[12. March 2010]
[M] > Added License AddOn field to options for person unique constraint

[04. March 2010]
[F] > Implemented additional pilot number configuration editors for finals

[05. February 2010]
[F] > Implemented Stockcar Rules (enhanced Rule Administration)

[29. January 2010]
[M] > Modified Race Controller -> Auto Finalize Heat is now working also in Lap and LapOrTime end mode

[08. January 2010]
[M] > Modified RaceResult Correction Dialog -> Added default list for punishment comments

[18. December 2009]
[F] > Added new Report and PrintMenu, if more the one counted Final Heat is available
[M] > Modified Report Editor -> Enhanced configuration of Report Footer

[11. December 2009]
[F] > Modified Event Administration -> Added new configurations for Report Footer fields

[07. December 2009]
[M] > Changes report directory pattern from TTMMJJJJ-XXXXXX to JJJJMMTT-XXXXXX
[B] > Fixed wrong loading of heat results, after changing training configurations in the rule