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  Race Control Management Ultimate
Typ Update
Datum 13 Feb 2009 16:08:58
Notizen [06. February 2009]
[B] > Fixed bug in Association Administration
[M] > Implemented export of EventTypes (Constants)
[M] > Implemented import of EventTypes (Constants)
[F] > Modified Report Editor -> the encoding of the reports can be configured

[30. January 2009]
[B] > Fixed bug with Symlinks in Ftp- / SFtp-Explorer
[B] > Fixed bug with Symlinks in Ftp- / SFtp-Synchronizer
[B] > Fixed bug in TimeSchedule Manager (removed items will not be displayed anymore)

[09. January 2009]
[F] > Implemented Correction / Punishment Dialog -> RaceManagement -> Corrections
[B] > Fixed Bug with closing RCM during setup of a new event (RCM has closed anyway)
[B] > Fixed Bug in Championship Editor - undefinable state could happen by adding new event

[02. January 2009]
[M] > Modified Configuration Import -> all necessary configurations are reloaded automatically
[M] > Modified Sectionlist Administration -> Sections can be sorted by Drag & Drop

[24. December 2008]
[F] > Implemented point scheme depended point distrubution mode for Training & Qualy
[M] > Modified Rule Administration -> added new point distrubution mode for Training & Qualy

[23. December 2008]
[M] > Modified Interface Dialog -> replaced network address editor with combo box

[19. December 2008]
[B] > Fixed bug in RecordList (reload has not been done in certain combination)
[F] > Implemented Heat Recovery function (recover heat result after possible software crash)
[F] > Implemented Transponder BlackList (Transponder in BlackList will not count anymore)

[11. December 2008]
[F] > Modified PrintManager -> use copy number property of Report Template
[M] > Modified Rule Administration -> added new compare type, if points are equal
[M] > Modified Finaltable calculation > include new compare type, if points are equal

[28. November 2008]
[F] > Implemented Clear function for Ticker Message
[M] > Modified Template Editor -> added default copy number property

[14. November 2008]
[F] > Implemented interrupt of Countdown
[F] > Implemented list of car numbers, which has finished the race
[M] > Modified Mediaengine in order to interrupt playing
[M] > Modified Racedialog -> added panel to list finished car numbers
[B] > Fixed bug with licenced flag in MyRCM participant list import

[07. November 2008]
[M] > Modified Template Editor (new Rankinglists)
[M] > Modified StyleSheet Editor (new Rankinglists)
[F] > Added additional Rankinglists (with type hierarchy)
[B] > Fixed bug with "strike through best result" in FinalTable
[M] > Modified UserAdministration Dialog -> added AgeGroup selector
[M] > Added AgeGroup Field to all necessary Reports