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  Race Control Management Ultimate
Typ Update
Datum 11 Jul 2008 14:17:17
Notizen [11. July 2008]
[B] > Fixed problem with corrupt update packages over online update

[05. July 2008]
[M] > Modified Online Softwareupdate (installing and update of Media Resources)

[04. July 2008]
[F] > Error Message, if frequency conflict(s) exists after confirming sub final heat

[03. July 2008]
[F] > Error Message, if frequency conflict(s) exists in selected group

[02. July 2008]
[M] > Modified Voice Interface
[M] > Added new Countdown and Remaing Racetime Announcements
[B] > Fixed bug in Training- and Qualy Rankinglist (wrong points for 1 place if descending)

[01. July 2008]
[M] > Modified Media Resource Handling (Online Update)

[30. June 2008]
[M] > Modified Export and Import Dialog
[F] > Implemented importing of Participantlists

[24. June 2008]
[M] > Use date and time format settings for report header and footer

[20. June 2008]
[F] > Implemented Record Editor (modify and add records)
[F] > Implemented printing of Participantlists over all sections
[F] > Implemented printing of Grouparrangementtlists over all sections

[19. June 2008]
[M] > Modified switching from wet <-> dry condition -> reset of confirmation

[13. May 2008]
[B] > Fixed bug in CSV Import
[B] > Fixed bug in RCM Archive Import
[B] > Fixed PrintPreview bug in Championship dialog, if an event is loaded
[F] > Implemented new dialog to reset the skills of all pilots of a given section

[12. May 2008]
[F] > Implemented automatic race controlling depending on time schedule
[M] > Modified RaceMeasurement Dialog > added new configuration for race controlling

[09. May 2008]
[F] > Implemented new MoveUp mode for SubFinals (depending on Final Rankinglist)
[M] > Modified Online Softwareupdate (installing of new Language Resources)
[M] > Modified Correction Buttons > use Pilot Number if available (instead of Car Number)
[M] > Modified Timekeeping Editor > added new configuration for time schedule integration

[08. May 2008]
[M] > Modified wrong allocation of Pilot Numbers
[M] > Modified Rule Administration > added MoveUp Type configuration for SubFinal